2019 CCOV Presentations

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Build Your Case! - Nira Duvan and Jaclyn Wilmot
Caring for Yourself in the Face of Difficult Work - Pocket Card
Change Can Be Positive - Pat Greer, Triskele Solutions LLC
Compassion Fatigue - Jen Koscheka
Engaging Sponsors - Anna Berry CCOV Presentation
Iceberg Drawing
Legal Issues in Fundraising - Katie Thomas
Make Your Pitch - Nira Duvan and Jaclyn Wilmot
Making Our Organizations More Inclusive - Dr. Sabrina Carolina Sideris
Micro-aggressions - Sabrina Sideris
Micro-aggression Handout - Sabrina Sideris
Micro-aggression Examples - Sabrina Sideris
Power Tools: Advocating for your Volunteer Program - Nira Duvan and Jaclyn Wilmot
Rethinking Strategic Recognition for Your Volunteers - Barry Altland
Rethinking Strategic Recognition for Your Volunteers - Worksheet
Self-Care Wheel
Statements of Commitment to Inclusion

The Civic Century - Kristy Judd, Spark the Change
The Human Side of Recruitment -  Beth Steinhorn , VQ Strategies
Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts of a Legislative Meeting
Tracking Volunteer Data Powerpoint -  Traci Lato-Smith & Heather Scott
True Value: Volunteer Engagement Professional - Nira Duvan and Jaclyn Wilmot
Volunteers to Activists: Furthering Your Organizational Mission with Legislative Advocacy - Jessalyn Hampton -Multiple Sclerosis Society; Sr. Mgr of Advocacy