Join the Board of Directors

The DOVIA Colorado Board of Directors is a working board –> We are a group of dedicated volunteers who steer the organization and complete the day-to-day work needed for its programs. While this may sound like an impossible load, the team is very dedicated to breaking it down by committees with additional volunteer support, and we deeply respect each person’s work/life balance.  We welcome folks from all backgrounds, including those who are not in the Volunteer Management field.  Specifically, we are on the look-out to diversify our team, both in terms of professional and personal experiences, in order to better serve our mission.

Top 7 Reasons to become a DOVIA Colorado Board Member:
  • Gain relevant leadership experience and skills
  • Increase your professional network
  • Participate with a creative, inspiring, and effective team of professionals
  • Strengthen your resume and grow your professional aptitude
  • Demonstrate your commitment to volunteerism and the field of volunteer management
  • Build capacity for nonprofits, community and city agencies, and change-based programs
  • Enrich communities, organizations, volunteers, and the volunteer management profession

Active DOVIA Colorado Board Members will ...

1) Attend monthly board meetings ... to provide feedback, ideas, and insight about DOVIA Colorado projects ... to approve and offer oversight about the direction, vision, and strategy of DOVIA Colorado

2) Engage as an advocate of DOVIA Colorado ... by supporting and participating in DOVIA Colorado trainings and activities as much as possible ... by promoting DOVIA Colorado to networks, members, and colleagues as necessary

3) Lead special projects ... as available and able, apply their skill set and specific interests to DOVIA Colorado work, i.e. graphic design, social media, fund development, new member recruitment, training etc.

4) Serve ... a three-year term by volunteering 4 to 12 hours a month depending on their chosen commitments and courageously taking on new leadership roles in a supportive and safe environment.

5) a level that is feasible for you. We like to show that 100% of our board donates to the organization, even if just $5 or $10.

6) Collaborate… in the planning and facilitation of the annual Colorado Conference of Volunteerism.

To Join the DOVIA Board ...

1) Submit a letter of interest to that outlines your reasons and intentions for wanting to join the DOVIA Colorado Board. The letter should also demonstrate your level of commitment and share the specific skills you might offer to the organization.

2) Provide your resume that shows your work history and any related experience.  

3) Meet with a DOVIA Colorado Board Member or sub-committee to discuss your interest.

Or ...

Write a similar letter of recommendation to nominate a colleague to the DOVIA Colorado Board.