Membership Pricing

After reading through our answers to "Why Join Us?" we hope you'll see why these membership levels are such a deal!  Here's a preview of our pricing structure that you'll see when you begin the registration process:

Individual Membership: $50
Small Organization Membership, 2-5 members (Membership Stays with Organization): $100*

Medium Organization (5-9 people): $200*

Large Organization (10-20 people, additional $20 per additional person): $300

*All Organizational Memberships stay with specific individuals within the organization


Member Testimonial

Name: Amy Zander
Organization: Loveland Habitat for Humanity ReStore

How long have you been working with Habitat for Humanity?
“I have been involved with them for 8 years and have been in this position for a year and a half."

What were some things that really stood out to you today from the session?
“It can be hard to get personable with volunteers because of other job demands, but it really is the smaller, personable things that can go such a long way with volunteers."

Do you have any Words of Wisdom to share?
“Engage your volunteers. At Habitat ReStore volunteers really enjoy staying in the loop, feeling welcomed, and feeling they are a bigger part of the picture."

How has DOVIA impacted you?
“DOVIA has been such a great resource of trainings, ideas, and support. It is awesome to hear from other volunteer managers on what is working for them and what isn’t.”

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