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DOVIA COLORADO Board of Directors
Want to contact a member of the board? Email and we'll put you in touch! We've also provided you with individual contact information in case you'd like reach out directly. The DOVIA Colorado board is currently recruiting for more leadership--take a look at the benefits and how to join this exciting team today!

Nira Duvan
Volunteer Coordinator, Arapahoe County
Board Chair

What year did you join the board? 2017

What does volunteerism mean to you? We all have the power to change the world around us and perhaps more importantly to change the world for the people around us. I love the concept that volunteerism is compassion in action.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills I’ve been volunteering and managing volunteer programs for the better part of 15 years.  It is deep in my blood: AmeriCorps member for 2 years completing 3700 hours, AIDS Walk Colorado Volunteer Coordinator, The Other Side Arts Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator, Outward Bound Course Director, Action Center Volunteer Manager and now, I coordinate volunteer programs for Arapahoe County. I just can’t get enough.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? Apparently, I just can’t get enough. (see above!)

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I love the CCOV!  All of it: The crowd of inspired leaders, the wisdom of the facilitators, the spirit and passion of my fellow board members all coming together in one fantastic day.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? Bigger, better and deeper education and networking for our industry!

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Kelly Streck
Membership and Client Services Director, Spark the Change Colorado

What year did you join the board? 2018

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? When I graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in English, Creative Writing, and a certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language, I set off around the world to see if I was any good at teaching! After 9 months in Poland teaching adults, and 13 months in Japan teaching 2 yr olds - retired adults, I discovered I loved teaching, and loved the variety of ages and connections made! Coming home, I discovered the nonprofit world  would allow me to continue teaching people of all ages, whether it was children and their parents in personal financial literacy, teaching children about philanthropy and volunteerism, or program development for a summer camp for kids with cancer. I knew I had found my path: teaching and community driven programs! While teaching kids financial literacy, we talked about saving in Spend, Save, Share Jars, and when we share, we can share our time, talent and treasure.  Now, having a son of my own, I am more excited than ever to teach him those principals of sharing and doing it together. 

What  drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? Just about every meeting, group, or workshop I've been to for the last couple years had a DOVIA board member or committee volunteer participating.  These volunteers are all inspiring and dedicated people and I decided I wanted to be a part of that, to learn, be inspired and motivated, and be able to give my time and talent right alongside them! 

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I can feel the energy buzz at the conference! So motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by great energy and great passion for all the work we're each doing! 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future?  I hope to see more and more volunteer managers empowered to take their programs to the next level with the support and resources of DOVIA, making volunteer management a profession that is truly recognized as the key to any organization's success. 

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Evan Rose
Volunteer Manager, Goodwill Denver

What year did you join the board? 2014

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is an opportunity for every individual to do good in their community, make connections and make an impact regardless of their career or life path.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? : I have a background in Elementary and culturally / linguistically diverse education and a Masters of Education. When I was looking to leave the classroom, I wanted to find a way to continue to find a way to use my passion for education and knowledge of the local education landscape. Serving as a volunteer manager for a non-profit with a focus on education allowed me to stay tangentially in the field while giving community members a chance to meet and positively impact a great group of local youth. In 2016 I received my CVA and look forward to continue my education to be the best enabler of community volunteerism I can be!

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I was asked! Isn’t that what pushes many people to volunteer? I believe strongly in the power of continuing education. DOVIA’s education sessions, idea exchanges, and the Colorado Conference on volunteerism provide an important resource to the Colorado volunteer managers community and I wanted to support these initiatives.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I had the opportunity to co-chair the 2015 and 2016 Colorado Conference on Volunteerism. My favorite moment was seeing over 120 volunteer managers from around Colorado come together for a day of learning and community.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I envision a group of committed volunteer management professionals who are strengthening the field in Colorado and leading the way for the nation.

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Alison Salutz
Director of Community Programs, Historic Denver
Membership Committee
What year did you join the board? 2018
What does volunteerism mean to you?
It's an opportunity to impact your community and share your passions with others.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? I have spent the past 12 years working in history based organizations with a strong sense of mission. 
For non-profits of all sizes, volunteers are one of main ways we share our mission with the community.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? My first exposure to DOVIA was the annual meeting, CCOV.  I had been to a number of conferences of different sizes, and kept feeling like they were too large or too small to really help me grow professionally.  CCOV was the perfect fit, and although the focus is volunteers,
the sessions I attended helped in all aspects of my work.  That experience eventually led me to join the board.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I like the fact that everyone comes from such different organizations,
but we all can learn from one another, and create better volunteer experiences.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I see DOVIA becoming more of a household name for individuals at any level of an organization,
not just those who directly manage volunteers.

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Nicole Quinn

Volunteer Engagement and Account Manager, United Way of Weld County
Education Committee Chair

What year did you join the board?

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is having a strong sense of ownership and pride in the community around you. So much so, those volunteers are willing to actively participate in building a stronger community through donating their extremely valuable time.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? Non-Profit work is a relatively new adventure for me. I have been in my role now for just over a year. Before coming to United Way of Weld County I was in retail management for 9 years. I have a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Portland State University.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I have had such a great experience with volunteer trainings, educational sessions and networking events put on by DOVIA Colorado that I really wanted to be part of the planning and execution team of these great events.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? CCOV 2017! I was relatively new to my role at United Way and a bit overwhelmed. Being at the CCOV, surrounded by others in similar roles as me, gave me a strong sense of community. I had a great time learning and networking!

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I hope that DOVIA continues to enhance and encourage relevant trainings and events to
support agencies and organizations that utilize volunteers in their extremely important work.

Contact Nicole at:
Audrey Glasebrook
Volunteer Program Manager, Poudre River Public Library District
Education Committee, Larimer County

What year did you join the board? 2018

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is an expression of love for one’s community! It is a way to take action about things you care about, and an answer to the problems we perceive in our environments.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? I graduated from college with a plan to go into social services, but I was seeing so many people burning out quickly in direct service, which scared me. I realized that engaging volunteers was a way that I could make a big impact, work with amazing people, and see the bright side in this field of work. I started off organizing students for service learning trips to Washington, DC, where they prepared and shared a meal with people experiencing homelessness. Seeing people come together in this way (who normally may have never interacted) was so uplifting! In the reflection sessions with these students, it became clear that this experience was setting them up for a lifetime of service – how cool to be a part of that inspiration! From that moment, I realized I was right where I was supposed to be. Since then, I have coordinated volunteers for other nonprofits – A Wider Circle in DC, Volunteers of America, and, now, I get to work for another love of my life – the public library. I’ve been with the Poudre River Public Library District for about a year and half, and it is amazing to see how much the community rallies around this resource. This is my 6th year of working with volunteers.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I consider volunteer engagement my career, and DOVIA is working hard to lend professional legitimacy and value to this field of work. I want to help advocate for that! I am also passionate about continued learning and education – being able to bring these opportunities to my colleagues in Colorado is awesome.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? Gotta love the DOVIA socials in Larimer County! I am the one-person volunteer engagement team for the library district, so getting together with other people in this field is crucial for my sanity, creativity, and curiosity. I’ve had great conversations with other volunteer managers over good beer, or even paddle-boarding on the Horsetooth Reservoir!

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I envision DOVIA effectively advancing volunteer engagement as a professional field – empowering us to get more respect from our leadership, better pay, more resources, etc. Also, just continuing to do what it does well already – bringing education and networking opportunities to volunteer managers statewide. Basically, many, many more CCOVs in our future!

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Brittany McGarry
Volunteer Engagement Specialist, National MS Society
Marketing and CCOV Committee Chair
Denver County

What year did you join the board? 2018
What does volunteerism mean to you? Giving a part of yourself that doesn't fit anywhere else.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? My Bachelors is in Communication with a focus in Journalism and my Masters is in College Student Development. My background is in Higher Education, engaging college students in their community. I’ve been volunteering my entire life it feels like! I have been volunteering with Brent’s Place for about 5 years now, it has been a really meaningful experience to be a part of their growth in engaging the Denver community in their mission. I’ve been on the staff side of managing volunteers and on the volunteer side of managing volunteers. I love brainstorming and being a part of something BIG so do not hesitate to reach out!
What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? When I was in Student Affairs, the networking was invaluable to my success. I loved going to conferences and connecting with professionals just like me. When I found that niche in Volunteer Engagement, I could not stop myself from wanting to be a part of it!
What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I had a GREAT time at the conference in 2018! What an inspiring day.
What do you envision for DOVIA's future? A large support network so no one is ever alone in anything they are doing
—that also includes an abundance of resources for all of us to utilize!

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   Tracy Vlnicka
   Volunteer Services Manager, Denver Botanic Gardens
    Membership Committee, Denver County

What year did you join the board?  2019

What does volunteerism mean to you?  Volunteering and community engagement have always been important to me.  Volunteerism to me is about connection, community, and support.  I think it’s incredibly valuable to learn from others and the world around us and volunteerism is one of the best ways to do jus that!

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills?  I have worked in a variety of organizations to build partnerships, strengthen collaborations, and engage teen and adult volunteers.  I am passionate about connecting people to nature and have been privileged to work for some stellar organizations who do just that.  I have experience with service learning program development, international travel with volunteers/students, and volunteer program planning. I also love to cook, bake, and teach REFIT!

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA?  While working at Denver Zoo, I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the Colorado Conference on Volunteerism (CCOV) several years ago with a Denver Zoo teen volunteer. I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for local professional development in the field of volunteer management for me, for my team, as well as Denver Zoo teen volunteers. I know that CCOV is only a portion of what DOVIA does for volunteerism in Colorado. I am excited to learn more about the ways DOVIA supports volunteer engagement across the state through education, networking, and other avenues.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I envision DOVIA being the ultimate connecter for those in the volunteer management field.  A connector that provides learning and networking opportunities guided by its members needs as well as opportunities to advocate for the advancement of the field. 

Contact Tracy at:

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   Sarah RiceSarah Rice Dovia Colorado Board Member
  Volunteer Program & Administrative Services Manager, 
Anchor Center for Blind Children
    Membership Committee

What year did you join the board?  2019

What does volunteerism mean to you?   
Volunteerism brings forth some of society’s most compassionate, committed and selfless individuals.
In my experience it yields those who know the necessity of volunteers within organizations, and they 
greatly impact the mission(s) in which they are passionate.  Those who embarrass volunteerism are unique and inspiring people
who take action to be the change they want to see in the world.Volunteerism is an aspect of society
that highlights the beauty of the human connection and emphasized its value of community.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills?
I graduated from MSU Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services with a Concentration in Non-Profit Studies, with a double minor in Africana Studies and Cultural Anthropology. I view the world in a holistic manner understanding that there is always two different perspectives to any situation. I value all beliefs and opinions, and seek out diversity within my work as I have seen how this creates optimal efficiency. I have always had a calling to work within the Nonprofit/ helping profession and Volunteer Program Management was a natural fit. I am honored to collaborate with individuals from all different walks of life that all want to improve and better their community. I enjoy professionalizing programs and tailoring volunteer programs to meet organizational goals. I am thrilled to support DOVIA in its mission to promote, advocate and educate.   
What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA?
DOVIA’s reputation of being a leader in the sector. As well as my personal connection to the mission and seeing a need for it.  
What is your favorite DOVIA moment?  
Seeing firsthand the hard work and passion to improve the volunteer profession and experience has been memorable.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future?
I envision a world where volunteerism is elevated to a level of complete understanding and respect.
Where not only organizations but all see the importance and value of it. I envision DOVIA spearheading and leading in this effort.

Contact Sarah:
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Allison Waldvogel
Associate Director of Volunteer Services, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Education Committee, Southern Colorado Region; CCOV Committee

What year did you join the board? 2020

What does volunteerism mean to you? Giving back to your community and leaving your mark all while impacting those in need, either directly or indirectly. Knowing that you can do good in the world, being a small piece of the puzzle, without expecting an extrinsic reward or compensation. That’s what I love about volunteerism: it’s kind, it’s selfless, and it’s powerful!

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? I’ve spent the past 13 years involved with volunteer engagement: first as a volunteer myself and then as a career. I was surprised in the beginning at how much I loved working with volunteers! I stayed in the Volunteer Department for the past 10+ years because of them and they are the reason behind the drive I have for my job – I’m continuously impressed and motivated by the passion and dedication they have for the organization and its mission.
I am currently the Associate Director of Volunteer Services at my organization, which involves overseeing all of the volunteer programs for both the Colorado Springs and Pueblo campuses, including shelter volunteers, the Foster Care program, the Community Animal Response Team (CART), and Youth Education. I completed my Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA) credential in 2019, currently serves as the lead for the Volunteer Management Professionals Group for Colorado volunteer managers and coordinators in animal welfare/rescue and most recently joined the DOVIA Board of Directors. I have a degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Human Resources and a former life working in Early Childhood Education.
What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I have been approached about joining a few times over the years due to my level of involvement with the Education Committee and the CCOV Committee. Eventually, I gave in as it seemed like the next natural step for me and I’m grateful that I did!

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? 
Every time I attended CCOV, I would leave feeling invigorated and inspired by the people I share this amazing field with! 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I see DOVIA Colorado becoming such a strong force in the leadership of volunteer engagement, bringing professionals together, providing more advanced opportunities, and continuing to advocate for the importance of the work that volunteer professionals do.


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Sarah Rice Dovia Colorado Board Member  Abby Krstulic
Volunteer Program Manager, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity
    Membership Committee

What year did you join the board?  2019

What does volunteerism mean to you?   
To me, volunteerism means giving your time and sharing your skills to leave
your community and the people in it better than when you started.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills?

My passion for volunteerism stems from my own volunteer experiences that I had in high school and college. At Kansas State University, I received a degree in Hospitality Management with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership studies. I have almost five years of professional experience with Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, where I manage the volunteer program across the organization. I feel lucky to work with a great group of volunteers who care deeply for our organization. In my time with Habitat, I've worked with AmeriCorps NCCC, started a volunteer recognition program, and most recently, led our team through Service Enterprise trainings. We are currently in the certification process and cannot wait to see all the transformational changes!   

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA?
I absolutely love professional development and after attending some great education sessions, I wanted to get more involved.   

What is your favorite DOVIA moment?  
Meeting with the membership committee and brainstorming ways to improve the DOVIA member experience. 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future?
 My hope for DOVIA is that we continue providing quality education and networking sessions that
elevate and empower volunteer engagement professionals. 

Contact Abby:


Additional Committee Volunteers

Tracy Vlnicka (Chair)
Abby Krstullic
Sarah Rice

Brittany McGarry (Chair)

Education: Boulder/Broomfield:
Katy Voldrich (Chair)
Carly Marguis

Education: Denver:
Katie Bukowski (Chair)
Kerri Stroupe
Mollie Hayden
Jaclyn Wilmot
Donovan Cordova

Education: Larimer:
Audrey Glasebrook (Chair)
Abby Krstulic
Mandy Lee
Sue Schafer
Charlotte Norville

Education: Pikes Peak:
Allison Bird (Chair)
LouAnn Deklava
Deanna Toney
Madison Taylor
Grace Vigil

Education: Weld County:
Nicole Quinn (Education Committee Chair)
Jamie Dale
Savannah Devore
Meredith Skogland
Steve McLaughlin

Colorado Conference on Volunteerism Planning Committee: 
Brittany McGarry (Chair) 
Allison Waldvogel
Emily Dobish
Mark Smith

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