This is an archive of resources compiled by the DOVIA Board of Directors for our members.  These resources should be useful for anyone that engages volunteers in any capacity. Please let us know if you have additional resources to share! 

Volunteer Engagement Organizations
Archived Resources

2016 CCOV Presentations

"How to Keep Your Volunteers in the Loop without Tying Yourself in Knots"
from Boulder's March 2016 Education Session

Presentation from Brianna Doby of Positive Rhetoric

from Denver's March 2016 Idea Exchange

1. Session Notes
2. Delegating Scorecard
3. Event Project Planner 1
4. Getting Things Done Workflow
5. Meeting Planner Worksheet
6. Project Status Report
7. Project Planner 2
8. DIY Project List
9. Project Planner 3

April 2015's “Converting Volunteers from Joiners to Stayers” ... Notes and Links

June and July In-Review, "Make a Difference Day"

April 17th Meeting Minutes, "Engaging University Volunteers"

March 20th Meeting Minutes, "All Things Volunteers"

February 20th Meeting Minutes, "Managing Your Chaos"

February 20th Handout

January 16th Meeting Minutes, "DOVIA in Transition"

December 12th Meetings Minutes, "Compassion Fatigue"

December 12th Handout

This month's featured resource: an article on how volunteering can help people with depression.



1.1   Management Resources

1.2   Publications

1.3   Education and Certification

1.4   Training and Teaching Tools

1.5   Support

1.6   Job Boards

1.7   Miscellanious

1.8 Presentations and Material from Previous CCOVs

1.9 Sample Volunteer Management Documents

1.1 Management Resources   

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Denver’s mission is to connect and develop young nonprofit leaders to leverage our collective strengths.

Website that hosts a variety of free teaching and training tools developed by peers and others in the field.

Volunteer management professionals perform challenging and rewarding work. Here's our roundup of research, best practices, tools, and ideas in the field.

Toolkit and resources for nonprofit management.

Guidebook for exploring the basics of volunteer management with additional resources from the Corporation for National Community Service and Hands On Network.

Webpage with many different links to other resources.

Here you will find links to training, helpful tips, and resources as you manage events throughout the season. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Toolkit filled with links to further professional development.

Resources and guides for book summaries, author interviews and book highlights in regards to volunteer management. 


1.2 Publications

National Journal for Volunteer Managers and Volunteerism

Great resource for publications, certifications, continuing education, quotables and links about special event days throughout the year.

The Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) is the international professional membership association for individuals working in the field of volunteer resources management. AVA works to promote professionalism and strengthen leadership in volunteerism and provide opportunities for all segments of the profession to work together to identify the needs of the profession.  It provides training and the credential: Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA). 
IAVE is the only international organization with the mission to promote, celebrate, and strengthen volunteerism worldwide. IAVE's work falls into six major areas: conferences, volunteer centers, education and training, public awareness, youth involvement, and membership services.  It holds a world conference on volunteerism every two years.

Links to worldwide and nationwide volunteer management organizations.

Volunteer Power is an online publication that offers articles, resources, and tips for volunteers and volunteer administrators in many fields.

Blog dedicated to nonprofits and providing discussion topics and news throughout the nonprofit world.


1.3 Education and Certification

North Carolina State University Distance Education Graduate Certificate in Volunteer Management and Administration

University of North Texas Online Volunteer Engagement Certificate

University of New Mexico Continuing Education Certificate in Volunteer Management

University of Missouri- St. Louis Chancellor’s Certificate in Volunteer Management

Guide for many continuing education degrees and certificates in Volunteer Management and Administration across the country.

Website that provides Certification for Volunteer Administration


1.4 Training and Teaching Tools

Goodwill Community Foundation’s free teaching and learning tools for many technical skills and classes

Specific Microsoft training tools for nonprofit organizations

MIT free online courses (changed every so often)

1.5 Support

Volunteer website that is partnered with Hands On Network to help volunteers find placements and opportunities in their community.

Volunteer website that is helps volunteers find placements and opportunities in their community.

Volunteer Opportunities in the state of Colorado

Community Resource Center (CRC) creates opportunities, tools and strategies to develop nonprofits and community groups to strengthen Colorado.

  Their Website & some Additional Info

Volunteer Management Consulting: Supporting Agencies for Effective Volunteer Engagement

1.6 Job Boards

Website of the Colorado Nonprofit Association

Job Board with many listing in many fields.

Regis University's Masters in Nonprofit Management (MNM) Program encourages non-profit organizations to list position openings, career opportunities, and internships on this web site.


1.7 Miscellanious

Website that lists tools to help Volunteer Administrators quantify volunteer hours and provide a concrete return on investment numbers. Also resources for helping Volunteer Administration to find some funding for their programs in order to gather volunteers. 

1.8 Presentations and Material from Previous CCOVs

from the October 23rd Session on "Healthy Staff & Volunteer Relationships"

The attached manual, Volunteer Management for Animal Care Organizations, is a great source for information, and not just for shelters alone. Chapter 2 on volunteer/staff relationships has great information and some good scenarios.

Presenter's PowerPoint

from Mobilizing Businesses: Working with Corporate Volunteer Programs
Fall Symposium, 2014 
Susan Hyatt's Opening Talk and Overview on CSR

Adeeb Khan's Presentation on Best Practices

Meredith Blanchard and Guests' Succes Story

Jessica Thrasher's Review of Working with Smaller Companies

Afternoon Action Planning and Think Piece Brainstorming: Outline

Mile High United Way's "Get Connected" Program: Program Flier and Program Website to connect with and recruit volunteers

Foothills United Way also offers the opportunity to advertise volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers through their website here

Powerpoint from 8/19's Session, "Creative Recognition and Retention"

from the March 13th Symposium: Working with Different Generations
Spring Symposium, 2014

Generational Volunteers PowerPoint

Retaining Generational Volunteers Overview

"Age-to-Age" -- Lessons Learned

Insight from "Cause Planet"

Managing the Generation - Book Review

from the March 13th Symposium: Access & Ability
Spring Symposium, 2014

Access Grants

Steps to Create an Immediately Inclusive Environment

Inclusive Service Programming

Person First Language

Programmatic and Facilitiy Accessibility

Recruiting for Access and Ability

Redefining Disability



1.9 Sample Documents

We would love to fill out this section a bit more.  If you have great examples of manuals, communication pieces, or management systems that you would be willing to share, send it along and we'll post it here.

Volunteer Program Newsletter (from Colorado Parks and Wildlife)