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“DOVIA is an incredible resource for the field of volunteerism. I glean new gems of information and ideas for enhancing the quality and scale of people invested in our mission. DOVIA provides the opportunity to peek your head out of the weeds, share successes and challenges, network with fellow volunteer managers, and develop tangible and actionable steps to bring back to your organization.”

Becky Mares
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Our dedicated and enthusiastic members come from a wide range of small local agencies to large organizations; each with a unique mission (see all of them here).  And this energetic community shares one common goal:  to promote professionalism, leadership and excellence in the management of volunteer resources.

DOVIA exceeds that goal with professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities for experienced and new practitioners in the field of volunteer resource management. Thank you to all of our new and renewed members this summer!
"A DOVIA membership connects me with other volunteer managers who understand the unique qualities and challenges of our job. I always learn something new and am excited about work after I leave a DOVIA session."

Get connected by becoming a member today to receive these great benefits:

- 25% off the Colorado Conference on Volunteerism (CCOV: returning in the fall of 2016!) ... this is a huge savings for all your organizations' members ... it almost pays for the membership alone!

- Member only events (that you don't want to miss)

- Free Workshops and Idea Exchanges (at least 8 over the year, a $150 value)

- A free newsletter subscription (invaluable monthly resources)


- Find our Annual Volunteer Manager Resource Guide (a huge asset!)

- Network with colleagues, seek out experts in a specific area, offer your skills, and discover a mentor

- Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your program (succeed!)
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