DOVIA Colorado: A Statewide Model

To grow and include volunteer leaders from around the state, and to improve operational efficiency and efficacy for local DOVIA groups, Denver DOVIA broadened and improved their reach in 2014 with a purposeful rebranding to a statewide moniker: DOVIA Colorado.

DOVIA Colorado then developed a Chapter Model to increase geographic access to member benefits, such as education sessions and networking events. For each chapter, a mostly autonomous group of local representatives formed in order to plan events that reflected their regional member needs.

It has become apparent that separating Colorado into regional chapters and duplicating operational efforts at a local chapter level has increased workload and decreased connectedness and efficiency for DOVIA leadership at a state and regional level.

DOVIA Colorado's Board of Directors recognized the opportunity to better serve all members - statewide - while eliminating duplicated efforts and increasing networking, education, and knowledge-sharing. With a thriving statewide presence in the field of volunteer management, we must create a sustainable statewide organization to provide members with better access to programs.

Starting in 2017, we believe it is in the best interest of members and DOVIA leadership to move to a statewide model of integrated regional committees. These committees will ensure that needs and interests of DOVIA Colorado members in all regions are addressed, while receiving ample support from the Board of Directors to host the education session and networking events - events that are deeply meaningful to volunteer managers across Colorado and Wyoming.

With representation from Boulder, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Larimer, Metro Denver, and Weld, the DOVIA Board established these four goals to make consistent decisions on procedures and processes going forward:

  1. Strengthen the DOVIA brand in Colorado by uniting disparate regions under one common organization, allowing for more impactful marketing and fundraising, more consistent statewide conferences, and a larger membership base.
  2. Reduce workload and fiscal demands on regions by using centralized resources, including one website, one session RSVP system, one member management system, one newsletter, and even one source for paid personnel as needed (e.g. CCOV event manager, graphic designer). The larger, collective membership now pays for one resource vs. several small membership bodies paying for redundant resources.
  3. Minimize risks of lapsed regional management and know-how, including managing resources listed in Goal #2, along with IRS and state filings, 501(c)3 standing, and budget and accounting.
  4. Most importantly, focus local committee work on direct service to local members through education, networking, and growing the organization, giving statewide regions the resources needed to do so efficiently and effectively in their area.

To reach these goals, DOVIA Colorado's Board and volunteers will manage the following operations on behalf of each region:
  • Financial support for event supplies and funds as needed (e.g. refreshments for an education session, payment for an expert speaker, etc.) and determined by the statewide annual budget for education sessions and networking.

  • Membership communication, including collecting fees, renewal reminders and surveys for future improvements, and conveying member benefits.

  • Website and database management, including registration set-up and management for events for members, non-members and any special fees

  • Marketing efforts and collateral creation including:

    • Statewide calendar of events in hardcopy and electronic version.

    • Social media presence both for recruitment and advertisement of events.

    • Web-based recruitment efforts statewide and regionally.

To support the goal of making education and networking available throughout the state, Regional Committees are asked to:

  • Gather information at education sessions about regional requests, needs, opportunities and marketing avenues.
  • By September 1st each year, send DOVIA Colorado Board a calendar of quarterly events for your region (social and educational opportunities), including venues, topics and other logistical or motivational details. This date is determined so that a calendar may be released each year at the CCOV.
  • Implement education and networking programs to provide members with effective professional development for volunteer managers across the state.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Give us a shout! We are committed to empowering our members to be the best volunteer engagement professionals they can be! Help us build an amazing future for our field and for our communities.