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DOVIA Board of Directors
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Executive Team

Board Chair
Michelle Fuller
Executive Director, Philanthropy Field Trips

Committees: Executive Team

What year did you join the board? 2013

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is hope - it is how people express what they want for their communities.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? I started volunteering over 30 years ago, and it has been a passion ever since. I am dedicated to making the world better, and the best way I know how to do that is through volunteerism.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I was asked to join, but I did not know much about the organization. I now love it and appreciate all the wonderful opportunities it provides volunteer professionals.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I enjoy going to the DOVIA Idea Exchanges - I learn something every time and get to see familiar and new faces. 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I hope that DOVIA continues to provide quality services to more of the amazing people who work with volunteers throughout the entire state - we are working on it, but still have a ways to go. 

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Board Treasurer
Sarah Christian
Community Volunteer

Committees: Executive Team, Membership

What year did you join the board? 2013, with 5 additional years in the 1980's

What does volunteerism mean to you? Giving my time and talents to my community and its organizations.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? My professional career in Volunteer Engagement started in 1981. I developed programs in a museum, an animal shelter, a national health organization and a social enterprise.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? The vision for DOVIA Colorado.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? Attending the Colorado Conference on Volunteerism (CCOV) and experiencing the vitality and energy in the field of volunteerism. 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? Continued growth throughout the state and flexible models for delivering content and professional development. 

Contact Sarah at:


Board Secretary
Emily Dobish
Manager of Volunteer Services, History Colorado

Committees: Executive Team

What year did you join the board? 2013
What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism helps to build community and make the world a better place.  I volunteer to connect with the world around me.
What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? The experience that has helped me best in this field is actively volunteering throughout my life.  I started volunteering as a child and that gave me an understanding very early on that for a community to thrive, we all have to pitch in and help each other.  Continuing to volunteer, outside of my job, gives me purpose and perspective.
What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? The volunteer management field is a unique calling.  I noticed early on in my career that there was a high turnover rate and finding professionals to be a mentor or brainstorm with was a challenge.  DOVIA Colorado enables volunteer management staff to build resources and connect with each other.  I wanted to be a part of that and to help in make our field stronger and more successful.
What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I love walking into an education session or a DOVIA Colorado event and recognizing the participants.  Its really an amazing feeling to walk into a room and feel an immediate sense of belonging and understanding.  I am the lone volunteer manager at my organization so having this community and support system is just amazing.
What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I see DOVIA Colorado as the ultimate resource for higher level volunteer management strategy and learning opportunities. 

Contact Emily at:

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Education Committee
Education Committee Chair
Evan Rose
Volunteer Manager, Goodwill Denver

Evan is on maternity leave until July. We look forward to sharing her profile with you then!
What year did you join the board? 2014

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is an opportunity for every individual to do good in their community, make connections and make an impact regardless of their career or life path.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? : I have a background in Elementary and culturally / linguistically diverse education and a Masters of Education. When I was looking to leave the classroom, I wanted to find a way to continue to find a way to use my passion for education and knowledge of the local education landscape. Serving as a volunteer manager for a non-profit with a focus on education allowed me to stay tangentially in the field while giving community members a chance to meet and positively impact a great group of local youth. In 2016 I received my CVA and look forward to continue my education to be the best enabler of community volunteerism I can be!

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I was asked! Isn’t that what pushes many people to volunteer? I believe strongly in the power of continuing education. DOVIA’s education sessions, idea exchanges, and the Colorado Conference on volunteerism provide an important resource to the Colorado volunteer managers community and I wanted to support these initiatives.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I had the opportunity to co-chair the 2015 and 2016 Colorado Conference on Volunteerism. My favorite moment was seeing over 120 volunteer managers from around Colorado come together for a day of learning and community.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I envision a group of committed volunteer management professionals who are strengthening the field in Colorado and leading the way for the nation.

Contact Evan at:
Education Committee Member
Charlotte Boney
Volunteer Program Manager, City of Fort Collins

Larimer County Regional Chair
What year did you join the board? 2016

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism means choosing to make our world a better place through action. No matter our differences, service unites us all.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? I first started working with volunteers as an environmental educator. I knew the volunteers were passionate about the environment, but where they really made a difference was working alongside others. Volunteers inspire me to be the change I wish to see in the world.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? My role in my job involves overseeing a large volunteer program of around 10,000 volunteers. Serving on DOVIA allows me to serve as an ambassador both for volunteers and the volunteer managers who work alongside volunteers day to day. I feel it is part of my duty as a leader to strengthen the field of volunteer management.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I first got involved with DOVIA as a seasonal employee a local state park. Going to DOVIA meetings allowed me to network with others that were sharing the same joys, challenges, and opportunities as me. It became a great way to meet people. Many of the people I first met in DOVIA are not volunteer managers today, but they are still my friends.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I envision DOVIA to serve as a central resource for volunteer managers to match volunteers to opportunities that align with their passions and talents. My long term vision for volunteer management is to break down silos between organizations- DOVIA can help us achieve that.

Contact Charlotte at:

Education Committee Member
Boulder/Broomfield Regional Chair
Nina Stubblebine
Volunteer Manager, Community Food Share
What year did you join the board? December 2017
What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteerism is the desire to be a life-long learner and collaborate with others to create a better community. It’s the desire to share a skill or learn a new one, and leave the world better than you found it. Volunteerism unites a community through education and action.
What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? Before entering the non-profit world, I was a teacher. I taught on the East Coast and abroad, and lived in Malaysia for a year on a Fulbright Scholarship. It was a life-changing experience and it solidified my commitment to education. I went on to serve for a year at the “I have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder as an AmeriCorps volunteer, and fell in love with both non-profit work and volunteer management. Education continues to be such an important part of my daily work with volunteers. I am very passionate about my current organization’s mission of hunger-relief, and through education and relationship-building, I am able to increase the capacity and scope and reach of my organization by harnessing the power of volunteerism! I’m excited to combine my experience, skills and passion to serve the DOVIA community.
What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I replaced a Volunteer Manager who had been with my organization for 24 years. She was once very active with DOVIA and spoke highly of the organization. I joined DOVIA in 2015 and also joined the Boulder/Broomfield Leadership Committee when it was created. I greatly value the knowledge and relationships I have built thus far through DOVIA, and I wanted to support the organization on a statewide level as a board member and member of the Education Committee. My volunteers inspire me every day, and I want to play a role in the professional development of today’s volunteer managers and leaders.
What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I enjoy all things DOVIA! But each year I greatly look forward to the annual Colorado Conference on Volunteerism. It’s important to connect with other nonprofit and agency professionals who “speak your language.” I always leave inspired and reinvigorated about the important work we are doing.
What do you envision for DOVIA's future? Working towards a more cohesive statewide network, and strengthening the level and quality of training and education we bring to DOVIA members across the regions.
Contact Nina at:

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Membership Committee
Membership Committee Chair
Sarah Christian


Membership Committee Member
Ashley Boyer
Manager of Volunteer Services, Denver Botanic Gardens

What year did you join the board? 2016

What does volunteerism mean to you? Creating happiness within yourself and others - it's what makes the world go 'round!

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? Born in CA but spent most of my life in PA; I attended Shippensburg University for Business before transferring to The Art Institute of York PA where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Interior Design. I landed my first job as a Custom Designer Sales Consultant and found myself unfulfilled... so I quit my job to join AmeriCorps VISTA to work at the Arc of Weld County in Greeley, CO and I've never looked back! I fell in love with the non-profit sector and education; after my VISTA year I worked for Catholic Charities at the Guadalupe Center before arriving at Greeley-Evans School District 6 as the Community Engagement Specialist where I managed the Schools Matter Get Involved program, the Teacher’s Closet while helping plan and fundraise for District sponsored events. After spending almost two wonderful years in District 6, I have transitioned on to become the Manager of Volunteer Services at the Denver Botanic Gardens – really a dream come true!  

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? I had participated as a DOVIA Member previously and found great benefit - so when the president of DOVIA Colorado asked if I was interested in joining the Board in its transition time I was ecstatic to become part of this enthusiastic team. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can from this process and the members of the Board alike as we continue to propel DOVIA Colorado to its best version yet! 

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? I cannot say enough about the annual CCOV event! If you are wondering if you are missing out... you are! Join us October 2017 (details to come) for a wonderful opportunity to learn from key note speakers, connect with others who share your struggles (or strengths!), and grow your professional development. I just love being able to connect with others who share (well... job duties but also) my passion and drive - that's the biggest draw and my favorite part of DOVIA Colorado. 

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? Growth and sustainability! This organization, I believe, ages much like wine... 

Contact Ashley at:
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Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee Chair
Becky Mares
Community Engagement Manager, Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters Colorado

What year did you join the board? 2016

What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteering creates community wealth. Imagine what your daily life would look like without volunteers? No parks and open space, museums, community centers, firefighters, social and environmental justice advocates...our world works because of volunteers.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills? One of the first examples of volunteering I remember was my dad coming to read for my class once a week in 5th grade. From a young age, I knew that giving your time, your talents and your energy had a certain magic to it. Now, for over 11 years, I have built my experience to better the community through volunteer management, community partner engagement, building programs from the ground-up, outcomes tracking and evaluation, and publication development. I graduated summa cum laude with a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Gender Studies from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. I like to think of myself as a collaborative and resourceful team leader, and am passionate about food and nutrition, wilderness and environmental sustainability, education, and cultural diversity.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA? As a DOVIA member, I have greatly benefited from the professionalism, education, and networking the association provides. I wanted to give back to the organization that had helped - and continues to help - me grow my skills.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? You! I am inspired at every DOVIA event at how dedicated, smart, creative and fun its members are. I love being part of a movement that's bigger than me, bigger than my organization, and bigger than one geographic community.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future? I would love to see our opportunities expand beyond the Front Range into other communities across the state, and to build the reputation of volunteer engagement as a powerful career path through DOVIA.

Contact Becky at:

Marketing Committee Member
Aimee Kane
Volunteer Program and Project Manager, City of Boulder

What year did you join the board? 2018

What does volunteerism mean to you? As a public servant who works in local municipal government, I see volunteerism as our primary and most rewarding community engagement tool. It’s a way to impart positive impact on all community members working with the community rather than putting together programs and services that may not be what the community really desires or needs. Enlisting the assistance of community members to work alongside public employees allows for a two-way dialog that doesn’t happen at community meetings and open houses. It allows both staff and community members an opportunity to work together to solve challenging issues affecting us all. I also feel like volunteerism gives all of us the opportunity to follow our passions, serve others, learn new things and be challenged outside of our current roles.

What should people know about your career, education, and other skills?  I am a CU alum, having graduated in 1996 with a degree in Communication Disorders and Speech Science. After graduating, I was a catering manager for 7 years until I started a Personal Chef Service business. During that time, I was a one woman show and found I really missed working in a team environment. When I started at the City of Boulder 12 years ago, I had no idea the opportunities that would be presented before me or what a gift it would be to work on behalf of so many people. When I was approached to be the City’s first Volunteer Program and Project Manager and move from our HR Department to our City Manager’s Office, I jumped at the chance. I get to work with city staff across our organization and partner with other non-profits and community members to create a community of service. I get to collaborate with teams to accomplish community goals, create trainings, facilitate public meetings, strengthen my marketing, communication, and strategic planning skills while still getting to do similar work around recruitment and employee engagement, which were the parts of my HR responsibilities I didn’t want to give up. My position has allowed me the capacity to focus on relationships with people and the great things we can accomplish together.

What drew you to serve on the board of DOVIA?  When I started my position, I didn’t know the first thing about Volunteer Engagement. As I started reaching out to people, I was completely overwhelmed at how helpful and giving people were. Each time I met someone, they introduced me to someone else who could help me understand and build they city’s program. Most of those relationships I gained through my DOVIA membership. I want the opportunity to give back to the organization, that I feel, has given so much to me in terms of professional development and friendships.

What is your favorite DOVIA moment? My favorite DOVIA moment happened at my first CCOV. Throughout the conference sessions, I kept encountering Becky Mares from Cooking Matters and at the end of the day had the opportunity to connect with her further at the networking event. It felt like we knew each other forever, she made me feel so comfortable and was so passionate about volunteerism, it got me excited as well. Becky embodies what I’ve felt from all of the DOVIA members I’ve met. Everyone is so supportive and passionate about growing our profession.

What do you envision for DOVIA's future?  I recognize our organization is doing great things on the behalf of so many individuals. I want to see the impact of DOVIA grow across the state and would love if we could be recognized at a National Level as being the industry leaders in volunteerism.

Contact Aimee at:

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Education (Larimer County): 
  • Pam Mayhew
  • Kelsy Beauchman
  • Janeen Stubbs
  • Shyla Letizia
Education (Pikes Peak Region):
  • Kimberly Beaudreau
  • Amber Cote
  • Allison Bird
  • Cassie Sanchez (Visiting Nurse Association)
  • Sierra Trujillo (The Delores Project)
  • Georgia David (Special Olympics Colorado)
  • Doris Blyth
Strategic Planning Support:

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