2023 Conference Schedule

Thursday, September 7, 2023
Denver Botanic Gardens



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Session titles and presenters are below. Click here to download the full descriptions. 

Conference session topics vary based on years of experience and are outlined below. 

Planting the Seeds (new professionals, less than 2 years): 

  • Basics of volunteer management (recruitment, retention, recognition)
  • Authentic leadership, relationship building
  • How to build a team effectively, support, resources
  • Challenging volunteers or situations in the field
A Time for Harvest (intermediate professionals, 2-5 years): 
  • Self -care/ compassion fatigue
  • Technology
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Ageism- older volunteers- working through barriers
Changing with the seasons (advanced professionals, 5+ years):
  • Workplace culture with a volunteer program (staff training, think like a volunteer, working with other departments)
  • Working with different age groups
  • Evaluate your program beyond the numbers
  • Gaining leadership buy in
Session titles and presenters are below. Click here to download the full descriptions. 
Session 1 
  • Planting the Seeds: Brianna Cronin–Success as a New Volunteer Coordinator in an Established Volunteer Program
  • A Time for Harvest: Severina Ware, CVA–What have you done for YOU lately? A Conversation about Professional Self-Advocacy
  • Changing with the Seasons: Laurie Gillman, The Three V’s: Integrating Volunteers into Culture
Session 2
  • Planting the Seeds: Betsy McFarland–Recognizing and Retaining Volunteers on a Limited Budget
  • A Time for Harvest: Beth Steinhorn–Equipping Staff for Success: Training Colleagues to Engage Volunteers 
  • Changing with the Seasons: Sue Schafer–Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders
Session 3
  • A Time for Harvest: Dannielle Stewart–Using Video for Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Acknowledgment 
  • Changing with the Seasons: Betsy McFarland, Beth Steinhorn and Dr. Sue Carter Kahl–Hidden in Plain Sight: Gaining Funder and Nonprofit Executive Support for Strategic Volunteer Engagement 
  • Changing with the Seasons: Karla Grahn–Embedding Equity in Volunteer Programs