2020 CCOV Proposals

Colorado Conference on Volunteerism logo 2020 VIRTUAL Colorado Conference on Volunteerism (CCOV) Call for Presenters

Now is YOUR chance to shine! Submit your proposal ideas here
Proposals are due on July 31. All presenters will receive notification by August 12. 
Since this year's conference is virtual, all presenters will receive a training prior to event day(s). 
Registration for participants will open August 1. 


Below are some suggestions of topics that people are looking to learn more about:

Retention and Experience

  • When wearing many hats: How do we create a meaningful volunteer experience with limited time and capacity?
  • All ages approach: how to be inclusive; special considerations when working with senior/aging volunteers; overcoming barriers to underage volunteers
  • Best practices of recruiting volunteers in COLORADO--including day of event, high level of commitment, etc. 


  • Volunteer Databases: Which ones are you using? Which ones do you find to be the most successful?

Conflict Resolution

  • How to work with difficult people (staff and volunteers) 
  • Volunteer Discipline Procedures: What are they? 
  • Getting continued buy-in from volunteers and changing processes and procedures 
  • How to manage difficult conversations with volunteers

Recognition and Appreciation

  • How do you create a culture of volunteerism in your organization? 
  • Volunteer appreciation and recognition: low budgets, high impact

Advocacy: For Ourselves and Our Volunteers

  • Advocating our roles as Volunteer Engagement Professionals within our organizations
  • Staff buy-in for the volunteer program
  • Risk Related Topics: determining background checks, overall policies, volunteer injuries/liability, etc. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Standards: How can we best align ourselves with CSR goals without losing sight of our mission? 
  • Service Enterprise: What are the tangible benefits? (Note: This needs to be a nonprofit organization that has gone through this entire program, not someone promoting it)
  • The Virtual Volunteer: What are the new ways we can engage volunteers this way? 
  • How can you create change in a large organization? 
  • Moving Volunteers to Fundraisers and/or Donors