2016 CCOV Presentations

The following PowerPoints have been generously provided by our 2016 CCOV Presenters.  These are for your reference only as DOVIA Colorado members and should not be reproduced, reprinted, or distributed in any other way unless you have direct permission from the presenter. Please enjoy these materials though as you apply the incredibly trainings from the CCOV to your daily job!

Learning Through Difference Keynote Presentation

Leveraging Colleges and Universities for Volunteers

Positive Rhetoric and Brianna Doby's "So Many Volunteers, So Many Platforms, So Little Time"

Coaching Skills

Collaborative Community Partnerships
       Defining Those Partnerships

Risk Management for Volunteer Programs

Denver Botanic Garden's Thinking Outside the Box

Volunteer Management Consulting's Fundamentals of Volunteer Management

The Suddes Group's Impact Income

Mission Minded's Minute Message Model

Rising Above in Conflict